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When we prepare an estimate for you, it will include everything that we expect to have to do to complete the job, and all of the
materials that we expect will be needed.  However, sometimes there are hidden nasties lurking below the surface.

Have a look at this example of what we mean.  Below you'll see a tiled wall that was to be retiled as part of a bathroom refit.  When we began removing the existing tiles the entire wall surface plaster fell away, which meant that a new plasterboard surface was needed.
Hidden nasties and what do we do with them?
We had discussed with the owner the possibility that this might happen (the building was Victorian so the walls would be lath and plaster which is prone to this type of failure), and we explained the problem and got the owner's go ahead before repairing the wall.  Just to be sure that he knew what had happened, we took some photographs for him to review.

It just goes to show though, try as hard as you might, you can't foresee everything.
1970's luxury bathroom....
For new tiling.
But a new plasterboard wall gave a sound surface
...with 1870's luxury walls.
Here's the finished result